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In an industry dominated by myopic attention to short-term profitability, Simraj Hospitality Management LLC is unique in our focus instead on the creation of successful cultures. It is our belief that the long-term profitability of a hotel is a natural consequence of a positive and supportive work environment. We live and work by a set of common values that permeate our entire company.

Based in Suburban Harrisburg, Simraj manages limited-service hotels throughout the Middle Pennsylvania area. Every decision we make is based on increasing the value of our managed hotels. We believe the most critical element in enhancing the value of a hotel is to develop a passionate and motivated team that understands and lives by the core values we collectively maintain. Our experience proves how developing these successful cultures leads to an extraordinary guest experience.

Management Services

Simraj Hospitality Management LLC manages properties with well-established and highly regarded brand names for owners who share our commitment to excellence, team work, and a positive hotel culture. Our first objective in the operation of a hotel is to provide for the passionate commitment of the Hotel Team to the satisfaction of our hotel guests. Our management services also include:

Franchise Relationships

¨ Ensure a positive relationship exists with the hotel's franchise partner in order to utilize all brand resources to their maximum potential, enabling stream-lined communication, standard compliance and maximum profitability.


Human Relations


¨ Acquisition of wage survey through third party consultants

¨ Establish incentive plans and goals

¨ Leadership development

¨ Motivation and team building programs

¨ Employee retention programs

¨ Manage employee benefit programs

¨ Recruitment, screening, staffing